We take pride in representing our clients zealously and aggressively in the bankruptcy courts.

Our firm represents creditors in all facets of Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 matters, including automatic stay relief, plan confirmation and dischargeability objections. We provide comprehensive counsel and litigation in all matters related to the bankruptcy process, including:

Commercial Creditors

  • Obtaining cash collateral adequate protection orders
  • Formulating objections to confirmation of plans of reorganization and liquidation
  • Defending preference and avoidance actions

Consumer Creditors

  • Obtaining relief from stay and abandonment of the estate’s interest in collateral
  • Preparing proof of claim, including detailed Mortgage Proof of Claim Attachment
  • Objecting to confirmation of Chapter 13 Plan and negotiating the best resolution for the client
  • Defending claims’ objections and adversary proceedings
  • Defending preference actions
  • Obtaining in rem relief in bad faith filing circumstances


Our firm has successfully prosecuted and defended adversary proceedings for clients dealing with various causes of action from dischargeability to preference. We act quickly to obtain relief from the automatic stay and abandonment (when necessary) for our clients; and actively pursue reaffirmation agreements.



Our attorneys have aggressively pursued the defense of first day motions for our clients, as well as objections to the adequacy of disclosure statements and to the confirmation of a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization. We further pursue relief orders or adequate protection orders for our clients when the Debtor-in-Possession is slow in filing a proposed plan of reorganization.



Our attorneys file proof of claims and monitor the confirmation process. We also object to Chapter 13 plans, as necessary, and negotiate the best resolution for our clients to resolve the objection. We aggressively pursue relief from stay actions. We have ready access to Chapter 13 Trustee websites for the Chapter 13 Trustees serving the bankruptcy courts in the Districts in which we practice. This enables us to monitor conduit jurisdictions to determine when a motion for relief from stay is ripe in those cases. In cases that appear to have been filed in bad faith, we actively pursue immediate dismissal of that case with a bar from the debtor filing a new bankruptcy case for anywhere from 180 days to permanent bars.