Representing our clients comes with great responsibility

Our firm routinely represents national and local financial institutions to resolve past-due accounts related to property, credit card, unsecured notes and auto loans; as well as collections for healthcare institutions and small businesses.

Carlisle Law provides a host of debt collection actions in the event of a loan or other monetary default, including obtaining a judgment, attachment, garnishment, foreclosure of real property and replevin of personal property and other proceedings. Our attorneys work to identify the best course of recovery action and then move to quickly resolve cases while complying with the Fair Debt Collections Act and other federal and state regulations.

We understand that time is money: In business, contract disputes and accounts require efficient handling. Our practice infrastructure is purpose-built to ensure deadlines are met and cases are resolved quickly to minimize losses, and maximize recovery.

Other debt collection-related actions we offer include:

  • Negotiating, restructuring and documenting defaulted loans outside of bankruptcy
  • Helping secured creditors recover collateral
  • Filing proof of claims on behalf of creditors
  • Objecting to the discharge of debt in bankruptcy due to the nature of the debt
  • Defending fraudulent conveyance, preference and other trustee avoidance actions

We understand that perceptions of a client are often based on the professionalism exhibited by its attorneys, so our firm responds promptly to email messages and voice mail messages. In fact, many attorneys who represent borrowers have complimented Carlisle Law on the promptness with which we respond to their inquiries. Even if a question is not case-related, we welcome the discussions to enable our clients to have a better understanding of issues which require attention.