Insight and experience that protects creditors’ rights

Carlisle Law is one of the most respected real estate and creditors’ rights firms in the industry. With nearly 50 years of proven experience and expertise, we embrace that legacy, but continually work with a forward-facing approach: We lead with creative counsel, the latest technology and extraordinary personal attention, creating a unique level of transparency, while delivering exceptional success for our clients.

Why Choose Us

Boutique Experience with Best-in-Class Value-Add Service

Our attorneys balance expert knowledge of business, banking and real estate laws and procedures with pragmatic business perspectives. The result: Efficient, effective legal counsel that protects and advances client interests.

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    Comprehensive creditors’ rights representation

    Our attorneys have a proven reputation for expedient, successful case management and are adept at navigating the heavily regulated finance industry for their clients.

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    Speed for time-sensitive matters

    We know that time is money, and we work diligently to meet deadlines and resolve cases quickly to minimize losses.

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    Trusted accuracy and a thorough understanding of procedures and requirements

    Our innate understanding of court requirements and procedures, combined with exceptional attention to detail, and work to advance cases quickly and protect our clients.

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    Local knowledge

    Our attorneys are admitted to practice and have settled disputes in all 88 counties in Ohio and parts of Kentucky; their high professional acumen garners the respect of the judgment, sheriffs, and clerks of court throughout the state and at every level. Through regular consultations, we stay up to date on the latest changes and regulations at the state and county levels.

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    Compliance command

    Whether it is new case law, legislation, loss mitigation trends, investor and servicing guidelines or other regulations that impact our clients, our team is vigilant in staying apprised of these developments and emerging trends to best service our clients.

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    Data security

    We know security is a priority for not only our clients but for their borrowers, too. We meet and stay ahead of all compliance requirements to protect customer data and privacy.

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    Real-time reporting

    Our secure technology platform offers clients interface access for complete transparency and up-to-date case management reporting.

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    Personal attention

    Our attorneys personally manage each case and maintain close client contact, providing a level of accessibility that exceeds expectations. When you call Carlisle Law, you talk with an attorney.